How We're Different

At Lead Tech, we deliver high quality financial advisor leads and IFA lead generation services – our strategies are based around your individual needs.

We attract consumers with online lead generation campaigns designed by our skilled and experienced team of marketing experts. Our approach is that of a digital agency – so our campaigns are always at the cutting-edge of online marketing, and fully integrated across a number of channels. And we do much more than just collect people’s data - we begin to take them through the customer journey for you: so they’re ready to convert by the time you're connected with them.

Our campaigns are at the cutting-edge of online marketing, and fully integrated across a number of channels.

Our technology matches our partners to the best customers for them.

Once we’ve determined the consumer details are genuine and quantified their needs, our proprietary technology matches that person to the best business for them.

This results in you receiving the right prospects at the right time in the right volume to maximise your ROI – it also keeps the consumer happy, and willing to hear from you.

Our relationship with you is a partnership. We’re focused on your growth, and use your feedback to gauge what works for your business, and what you might need help with.

We’ll provide you with tips from the top-performing businesses in our network – giving you the opportunity to increase your conversion rate. We’ll also provide you with a range of personalised reports to help you maximise your ROI and forecast your revenue, along with a dedicated account manager so that you can make sense of it all.

Case Study

Self Employed Independent Advisor, Directly Authorised

An injection of new clients for investments and pension related recurring income.

Lead Tech connects the advisor with an agreed monthly number of consumers who match the required profile and are within a defined postcode area.



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A bespoke algorithm that works for you.

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