Lead Tech Legal will launch later this year

The legal services industry is fast evolving. Delivering the same service that solicitors have always provided won’t always be enough for today’s technically competent, better informed consumers.

With brands like the Co-op, AA, and Saga entering the legal market, there will inevitably be winners and losers from deregulation. Lead Tech’s customer acquisition strategies are designed to help the firms we partner with flourish in this time of major change.

Our approach can save you time and money. We’re focused on the growth of your client base, and will strive to deliver you with outstanding ROI, by providing help and guidance on converting enquiries into customers.

Our process means that not only are all our referrals fully compliant, but we also only send you the prospects most suited to your services.

The legal market is changing

With thousands of people looking for legal advice online each month, your next customer is out there waiting. We’ll use our expertise to help them find you.

Average monthly searches (thousands)

Clean Energy is a growing market

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