Our Technology

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By incorporating a whole range of technology into our work, we’re able to improve the products that we offer. Fusing in-house technology with our highly skilled team of digital experts, we provide our clients with new revenue streams while giving the consumer an empowering experience.

Our state of the art platform, Lead Tech Connect optimises customer data and distribution to our partners in an intelligent way. This technology is founded on 4 key building blocks:


Lead Tech Logic

With knowledge of the customer journey and expertise in the channels and platforms they use, we're able to understand how, why and when they make buying decisions, so we create smarter marketing campaigns to attract consumers.


Lead Tech ID

Our technology makes real-time decisions based on criteria specified by our partners. Our validation, enrichment, and unique scoring algorithms will ensure you receive the right customers at the right time.


Lead Tech Match

Lead Tech's proprietary matching technology uses a range of intelligent algorithms to precisely match each customer to the partner most relevant to their needs, resulting in an increased conversion rate.


Lead Tech Insight

We analyse past performance and use predictive analytics to improve our partners' ROI over time. Our ability to track activity to the point of sale gives you ROI based on actual customer value to your business.

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